Trump rally on Jan. 6, 2021

Every American knows the date of Donald Trump’s last rally in Washington, D.C. The political fallout with the aftermath seared into our collective memory when the president’s most ardent supporters marched from the rally and violently breached the Capitol.

In the seven days following the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” when shocking video was horrifying the nation, nobody could have predicted that the soon-to-be-former president — impeached for a second time in record time — would his now-infamous rallies only six months later.

In America, anything is possible, and Trump proved that axiom last week. While appearing on the…

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida — Credit: Myra Adams

Donald J. Trump’s White House reality show was officially canceled on Jan. 20, but he is highly motived to retain his loyal audience and stage a comeback from his “set” in Palm Beach, Florida.

Driving Trump’s new “act” are the primal behaviors of flirting and warring — performance art perfected to accomplish his goal of winning the 2022 and 2024 elections.

As the undisputed Republican Party kingmaker for the midterm elections, the former president is on a political fantasy mission that either begins or ends on Nov. 8, 2022. Meanwhile, he wields absolute power with millions of dollars to spend…

Open Letter to CPAC’s Matt Schlapp From a Former Attendee

CPAC 2021— An attendee worships the political version of the Bible’s “golden calf” statue

Dear Matt:

Congratulations, CPAC 2021 was a huge success. The gathering is now history, but here are a few thoughts for you to ponder.

On Sunday, before introducing the 45th President to the uber-enthusiastic MAGA-hat-wearing crowd, you said, “the world was watching.” Yet, as millions of global and domestic eyeballs watched, they laughed at and were appalled by aspects of your three-day idol-worshipping spectacle.

You are likely to dismiss that observation as the rant of some angry Democrat, but I am a former loyal Republican who regularly attended CPAC starting…

Has Civil War 2.0 Begun?

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump made history as a twice-impeached president. One could argue that Article 1, reflects Trump firing the first shots of Civil War 2.0 with red MAGA hats and Trump 2020 banners replacing the Confederate flag.

Given the intense partisan political and cultural divide between red and blue America, such a conflict was inevitable, flammable, and waiting for a spark. Yet, nobody foresaw the opening battle would be an attempted siege of the Capitol — followed a week later by Trump’s second impeachment.

Moving into Joe Biden’s inauguration week, we…

Credit: Aubrey Hicks

During Trump’s Georgia rally on Monday night in support of Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, the president the large, enthusiastic crowd, “I’m going to be here in a year and a half, and I’m going to be campaigning against your governor and your crazy secretary of state, I guarantee you.”

Such electoral bravado heralded Trump’s post-presidency visions of grandeur. Before Tuesday’s election results, he was on track to become one of the most influential former presidents in history. In November, he lost reelection but won a record 74.2 …

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“With or without a second term for Donald J. Trump, American patriots are ready to fight, and they intend to ‘keep the republic.’ Buckle up.” — Frank Miele, RealClearPolitics, Dec. 7, 2020

Miele’s quote fascinated me because it personified what I had seen two days earlier on Dec. 5 at a busy intersection in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Proudly waving extra-large Trump flags were a dozen burly-looking white guys with whom you did not want to disagree about anything. An enormous sign advertised Trump merchandise transforming the street corner into a MAGA occupied zone…

Checking out at the grocery store recently, I saw People magazine’s cover featuring Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with the headline “It’s Time for America to Unite.” And I thought to myself, “But do Americans want to be united?”

Sorry for the skepticism, but I had just come from lunch with a prominent Republican activist. We talked about the election and, coincidentally, I raised the issue of national unity under a new president. My friend emphatically said, “Republicans will never unite under Biden.”

I asked, “Who then?” He answered, “Trump in 2024.”

He may be right. Speaking as a longtime…

Will America Survive the Next Three Months?

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My stomach twinges just asking the title question. Never have I been this anxious before a presidential election. Even in tumultuous 1968 as an 8th grader following all the news about the Vietnam War, assassinations, racial unrest, riots, the Cold War, and the Nixon vs. Humphrey campaign — I believed that America would persevere. There was never any doubt because I lived in the greatest, most powerful country in the world. (A common mid-20th century post-war mindset widely taught in public schools and politically represented by the “silent majority.”)

However, 52 years later…

‘Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?’ Mr. President, Don’t Answer That Question.

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News that our nation’s gross domestic product contracted at a 32.9% annual rate in the second quarter is both a record-breaking and heartless number. An economic meltdown of this magnitude is etched into the faces of business owners experiencing hardship, lost income, anxiety, and an uncertain future.

Where I live in South Florida, “mom and pop” stores are increasingly surrendering to market forces and health restrictions by . What is it like to own a small business in this area while the…

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A loyal Republican friend of mine in a crucial swing state is conflicted about voting again for Donald Trump. She is upscale, educated, and turned off by his behavior, which she says has diminished the presidency. Worse, she believes that Trump, if reelected, will be “unstoppable” and turn into a “dictator.”

Conversely, my friend is equally concerned that voting for Joe Biden will usher in an era of socialism, defunding the police, and other facets of an overarching leftist agenda.

Frustrated, she asked, “What am I supposed to do? Who should I vote for?” (A second 2016 Republican Trump voter…


Myra Adams is a media producer and conservative writer with numerous national credits.

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